Chinese Cork Sculpture-The Perfect Gift This Chinese New Year

January 25, 2012

Cork sculpture, also known as cork picture or cork carving, is a traditional Chinese artwork. Each cork sculpture features a miniature Asian landscape with cranes or panda bears. Every single piece is hand carved and glued together to make a scene.

Oriental Cork Art- Pandas in Conversation

The Oriental influence can be seen everywhere in interior decorating! From decorative elephants to ancient style swords, the Oriental inspired style of decorating will liven up the most staid and plain of interiors. The Oriental cork carvings are extremely delicate. The sculptures are handcrafted down to the finest detail. They are complicated, intricate, elaborate and popular for their sheer beauty and mind boggling intricacy. The fine vintage Chinese cork carvings can not only be appreciated for their sheer quality of workmanship, but also for the centuries of history and the Asian culture behind the creation.

Chinese Cork Art- Swans

What better way to enhance your decor than with the fabulous Oriental cork sculpture. Place the masterfully crafted work anywhere in your home or office for visually stunning Asian decor. Use the exotic sculptures to create an instant decorative touch on any flat surface. They work particularly well on tables, desks or stands. Pandas are very rare and special animals. They are considered to be symbols of peace and good fortune in Asia and the Chinese once believed them to have mystical powers. Both pandas and the white Chinese cranes serve the theme of the magnificent decorative cork sculptures. Each uniquely crafted cork sculpture is painted with a beautiful rosewood finish. Protecting the sculpture is clear glass on both sides of a sturdy wood frame. The sculptures are lacquer painted and nature air-dried, shinning and lasting for years as an Oriental treasure. These stunning pieces will thus make the perfect addition to an area of your home or office.

Playful Pandas-Unique Chinese Cork Art

One of the bonuses of the cork sculptures is that they are very affordable! The Oriental cork art pictures are made with the finest in craftsmanship but with low prices that fit even the tightest of budgets! The cork carved scenes are made with miniature and intricate details that will leave you astonished. These unique accessories with dramatic design make these cork sculptures perfect for either home or office! Not too loud and subtle yet exciting, the cork pictures are just made for conversations! You’ll be one proud owner as you display these Oriental cork art pictures in a prominent spot!

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