Wednesday, August 15, 2018
African Wood Carvings

African Wood Carvings

African Wood Carvings - there has always been a fascination with the human figure in African art and it’s typically the primary subject matter for both ancient and modern African Art. Another common African theme is the combination of both human and animal figures, which show the close relationship between the African and nature. Most of the wood carvings of Africa are made from ebony wood, an exceptionally dense and beautiful wood found only in the Sahara desert regions of Africa. African ebony wood has a fine texture and ability to polish very smoothly. The carvers use simple hand tools to produce the works of art sold here. The African statues are a very significant symbol and an integral part of traditional African culture. The statues of the African people typically reflect symbols of their ancient past, as well as the daily activities that the African village people are involved in. A representation of kings, queens, fertility, love and tribal markings are also very common. The complex African statues express important social, spiritual and moral values. African statues are a wonderful way to bring the spirit of Africa into your home. African art today is still a beautiful and unique art form that cannot be imitated.
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Hand Carved African Art on Wood
Hand Carved African Rhinoceros
Hand Carved Wooden Animals
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Hand Carved Wooden Lion
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