Monday, May 28, 2018
532 - Orange Silk Scarf

Orange Silk Scarf

Batik Scarf

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Fiery Orange red color batik silk s...
1 item in stock
Fiery Orange red color batik silk s...
1 item in stock

Orange Hand Painted Batik Silk Scarf:

This is a silk scarf with handcrafted batik print on it. Batik is a resist dye technique used to create crack texture.  The hand batik work is done on hand woven tasar silk body and border exclusively hand painted.  The scarf  is fiery orange red color batik cracks having a broad dark maroon and white border. A very light weight scarf, this silk based batik scarf is easy to carry.

Weight- 0.13 lb,

Dimension-  76” long, 22" wide

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