Fashion Under $25

March 9, 2016

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Set

Fashion is the all time buzz word in our world.  It changes every day! In fact it is undergoing change every second. To stay up to date with this ever changing fashion industry, one often has to keep oneself informed and has to shell out money to keep up with the latest trend.

Shibori Beaded Scarf

We all love to stay fashionable, but that does not always mean you have to shop with your pocket full. There are a lot of fancy stuffs available in the market which gives no hole in your pocket and you can stay fashionable at the same time!

Designer Shoulder Bag from India

Here are a few tips:

Craft Montaz have sourced some of the best hand crafted products from all over the world, but do not get scared by thinking that handicraft fashion accessories are all the more costly! Not always! If sourced from the most authentic crafters of the indigenous region and then kept on sale directly then you need not have to shell out a big amount. Of course the same stuffs are sold at big show rooms at hundreds of dollars what you will get here at under $25!!!

Wooden Combs

So, let’s unfold to you the hand crafted fashion under $25. Craft Montaz have put on sale great hand crafted jewelry sets, hand crafted scarves, hand crafted bags, hand crafted wooden combs and hand crafted soap for under $25. The jewelry sets that are on sale have been sourced from South American and African hand crafters. The hand crafted bags are from the North Western part of Indian crafters. The scarves have been sourced from Eastern part textile crafters of India. The soap has been sourced directly from African natives and the wooden combs are from India.

African Black Soap Bar

Since these handicraft products have been sourced from the most authentic crafters of the indigenous region and then kept on sale directly, you have the opportunity to grab such things on great deal! So, why wait, start grabbing and stay up to date with this ever changing fashion industry!

By: Pushpita, a freelance writer on world handicrafts and lifestyle. Pushpita holds a Masters in English literature and is a rich media professional.

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