Hand Block Printed Soft Cotton Scarf

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This blue and white block-print Scarf is made with very soft 100% cotton material by artisans in Rajasthan, India. The wooden blocks are first hand-carved and the design is then hand-stamped using a different block for each color in the pattern. This particular scarf has  a white background on which blue flower motif hand block printed. The seamless printing shows the fine skill of the block-printers, and it is a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. Each region of India has a different style of block-printing, and each family has their own collection of wooden blocks.  Both end of the scarf has small dangling tussels to enhance the beauty of the scarf.

Color: blue, black, white

Size: 22″ x 72″ (Sweater not included)

Block printing is an ancient textile printing technique which involves stamping patterns onto fabric with hand carved wooden blocks dipped in dyes. Indian block printers have passed down their wooden blocks through generations of artisans, and each family has their own unique set of blocks.

The printed patterns range from paisley to geometric shapes, and can be single color or multiple color designs. A different coordinating block is used to print each color and it requires great skill and precision to make all of the colors and patterns line up seamlessly (for more info visit sevya.com).

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Dimensions 72 × 22 in


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