Fair Trade Home Office Decor Ideas

Check out the Craft Montaz collection of fair trade home office decor products featured below. These items can be placed on desks, bookshelves, or other corners of your office to bring warmth to the space, make it more functional, and inspire you throughout the day. With many companies allowing employees to work remotely if they wish into the foreseeable future, you will want to make your home office enjoyable to work in. Look no further than Craft Montaz of fair trade items for all the essentials, including business card holders, decorative vases to brighten up your office, and small figurines to keep you motivated!

All of these products are fair trade, an alternative business model that values safe workplaces, fair wages, and community investment for factory employees. Craft Montaz is a socially responsible company, and these practices empower consumers to purchase according to their values and help alleviate global poverty. When you purchase through Craft Montaz, you are not only supporting local artisans from all over the world, but also helping to preserve their unique craft-making practices that typically date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Check out our featured terracotta jewelry sets below and even more items on CraftMontaz.com!

Home Office Soapstone Business Cards Holder Kenyan Art

These business card holders are made in Kenya, Africa. They are the perfect size to hold a stack of business cards for easy access and organization in your home office. Add some ethnic decor to your desk and make it feel more comfortable to work in. This soapstone card holder is decorated with a four ducks design in red and blue. When purchasing this fair trade cardholder, you are supporting local artists and allowing their craft to live on. Colors: red and blue. Dimension: 3.5″ long, 2.5″ wide, 2″ tall

Hand Carved Yoga Office Decor Sculpture from Indonesia

Are you inspired by Team USA’s gymnastics stars at the Olympics this year? Keep a small reminder of the gymnasts who went down in history with you at home by purchasing this delicate but strong, and beautifully carved wood sculpture figurine from Indonesia. Artist Wayan Rendah captures the dynamic energy of a gymnast in a striking pose. The fluid curves of her lithe, youthful body are portrayed in a figurative style, heightened by the warm glow of the suar wood. The polished grain enhances the cool line of a beautiful signature piece. Place this figurine on your desk to inspire you to achieve great things throughout the day — it is the perfect addition to your home office decor.

Signed by the artist (Artist name Wayan Rendah). As this is handmade, wood grain and color and size can vary slightly from photo. Dimension: 8″ tall, 5.7″ wide, 1.2″ depth

Citronella Office Decor Candle in Terracotta Container

This charming candle will relax you throughout the day. It is made from whitewashed terracotta set in a container, and paraffin citronella is poured inside to make it a candle. When the candle burns through, you can use the bird container as a small planter. Place this candle nearby as you work for a calming aroma throughout your home office. Dimension: 3.5″ tall,  5″ wide,  3″depth

Green, Brown, Black African Decorative Soapstone Office Vase

Kenyan artisans hand carve and etch soft soapstone to create slender decorative vases with simple bamboo designs. A sponge-dyed green finish blankets this unique home decor accessory with an earthy color. Place this fair trade vase in your home office to brighten it up, either on your desk, a small table, or a large enough shelf. Color: Green, Brown, Black. Material: Soapstone, non-toxic dye. Dimension: 6.25″ tall, 2″ depth. Sold individually. As this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly. For dry use only; please use an insert for displaying fresh flowers.

Each home office decor piece is unique and not mass-produced. For more fair trade items and other inventory, visit CraftMontaz.com! We offer free shipping on all orders and 10% off with code CM10.