Fair Trade Elegant Black Scarves from India

Indian fashion is known for its intricate designs and attention to detail. Scarves are a popular Indian accessory and are versatile — they can be paired with any outfit to add instant style. The Craft Montaz collection of fair trade elegant black scarves are uniquely designed and are hand-dyed, hand-painted, or hand-embroidered. We have scarves that use different traditional techniques and are made using Khadi, Muga, and embroidered silk to create unique designs. Our scarves are locally sourced from artisans in India, thereby supporting their local tradecraft. 

All of these products are fair trade, an alternative business model that values safe workplaces, fair wages, and community investment for factory employees. Craft Montaz is a socially responsible company, and these practices empower consumers to purchase according to their values and help alleviate global poverty. When you purchase through Craft Montaz, you are not only supporting local artisans from all over the world, but also helping to preserve their unique craft-making practices that typically date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Check out our featured terracotta jewelry sets below and even more items on CraftMontaz.com!

Black Khadi Silk Scarf- Embroidered Black Scarf

This is a hand-woven, black Khadi silk scarf (50% cotton-50% silk blend) with turquoise blue machine embroidery. Its border is exquisitely soft to the touch and the scarf is overall very lightweight. It can be worn with any type of formal outfit and on any occasion. It is perfect for the fall and winter months. Wear the fair trade scarf with a solid-colored blouse to make it pop. Size: 76″ long, 21″ wide. Dry clean recommended. (Sweater not included)

Khadi silk is characterized by its sheen and luxurious appearance with 50-50 blend of cotton and silk fiber. It is more expensive than cotton Khadi and must only be dry-cleaned. Khadi silk fabric tends to shrink by 3% after the first wash. Made in India.

Lightweight Muga Silk Scarves

Designed by the professional silk scarf designers of the Eastern part of India, these silk scarves are fashionable accessories in high demand. The black scarves are made with Muga silk, a native silk from India and hence very lightweight. The muga silk scarves are mostly chosen for evening wear by all age groups. Stun your friends at dinner parties by wearing these elegant scarves. By purchasing scarves from Craft Montaz, you are supporting local artisans through the method of fair trade. Color: black, chocolate maroon. Size: 72″ long, 22″ wide. Only dry clean wash recommended. (Sweater not included)

Solid Colored Silk Scarves- Black, Pink, Maroon Embroidered Scarves

Comfortable and versatile, pure silk scarves are never out of fashion. Be it a formal gathering or an intimate, cozy dinner with someone special, silk scarves always have an appeal. These scarves are also ideal to wear at wedding parties — drape yourself elegantly with a finely woven Indian silk scarf. This scarf’s black base and red border have an intricate design that will make your outfits stand out. Color: black, chocolate, pink, maroon and brownish gold. Size: 84″ long, 17″ wide. Dry clean recommended. (Sweater not included)

Each scarf featured here is unique and not mass-produced. For more fair trade items and other inventory, visit CraftMontaz.com! We offer free shipping on all orders and 10% off with code CM10.